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  • Why you NEED to Supplement with a Fish Oil
    As a father, chiropractor and wellness practitioner in San Luis Obispo County, I certainly understand that many people may not understand the importance of taking Fish Oils (otherwise known as Read more
  • Why You Need to Supplement with a Probiotic
    As a father, chiropractor and wellness practitioner in San Luis Obispo County, I understand the importance of taking probiotics. I realize many may not, however realize that Probiotics offer many Read more
  • Does Your Immune System Need a Boost?
    Let's face it - Women get the brunt of the weekly domestic workload--even those who work full time! Then throw in the weekend get-togethers which are meant to bring friends and families Read more
  • Rethinking Cold Medicine for Kids
    If you haven't already tuned out any conversation about giving your children cough and cold medication when they're under the weather, this should do it. The Food and Drug Administration Read more
  • Stop the Sugar Craving Roller Coaster
    It's no secret that Fall comes with traditional carb-heavy meals and sugar laden treats making us vulnerable to a host of health problems. Starting with Halloween and on through the New Read more
  • Could You Benefit from a Microbreak?
    While we are busy burning the candle from both ends, it is important to build micro-breaks into your daily routine. Evidence suggests micro-breaks actually reduce muscle fatigue by as much Read more
  • Are You in Need of a Support Pillow?
    As a chiropractor in San Luis Obispo the topic of good sleep comes up all of the time. What I told patient's for the last decade is that it all comes down Read more
  • 10 Sleep Health Support Tips
    Many of my patients complain that they do not sleep well. As a practicing chiropractor in San Luis Obispo, it is important to find out WHY this is occurring and then Read more
  • Are Your Multivitamins Killing You?
    For millions supplementing their diet has been the difference between life and death. So, why are studies showing that vitamins increase mortality?      Researchers and practitioners who study the effect of Read more
  • Powersource Chiropractic- Sunscreen and Cleansing in San Luis Obispo
    When I think of summer, I often daydream about more days outside enjoying nature, the warm sun on my skin (hello, Vitamin D) and certainly being more physically active!  As Read more
  • Suffering from Season Allergies?
    Hundreds of San Luis Obispo residents alter their spring and summer activities because of their season allergies. For many of us allergies mean not being able to enjoy a certain outdoor-part of Read more
  • Is Joint Pain & Stiffness Impacting Your Quality of Life?
    Having served as a chiropractor in San Luis Obispo for the last 23 years, I know that the ability to play with your kids (or grandkids), to enjoy your favorite Read more
  • Do You Constantly Feel Tired, Stressed or Fatigued?
    Are you constantly feeling tired, stressed or fatigued? Or suffer from inflammation, insomnia or anxiety? If so your little adrenal glands are constantly having to work overtime and your cortisol levels Read more
  • Powersource 2016 Team Updates
     With the year wrapping up and new opportunities ahead, we want to tell you about all of the improvements we have made in order to serve you better in 2016 (and Read more
  • Does Whiplash Go Away on it's Own?
    Odds are that either you or someone you know has been in either a rear-end or side auto accident. In such an accident, the neck is usually “whipped” back and Read more
  • Are Headaches Robbing Your Life?
    As a practicing chiropractor in San Luis Obispo, I know first hand that a headache can ruin anyone’s day. The pounding of your head with every heartbeat makes it tough Read more


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  • "The staff is always friendly and welcoming, addressing me by name every visit. Dr. Dubrul is very good about answering any questions I have and clarifying things until I fully understand what’s going on. I will recommend Powersource any chance I get!"
    John Lubisich
  • "I have good results with Dr. Scott. I appreciate his time and undivided attention when I have my appointment. His knowledge and support have been really important to me recently. The office staff have also been very supportive. Thank you all!"
    Susan Heidenreich