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Posture Correction Chiropractic

Posture Correction Chiropractic

Poor posture can lead to a variety of health problems over time. Are you one of the many people suffering from poor posture? Here is an easy way to tell:

First, if you look in the mirror and relax, you may notice that one shoulder is higher than another. Second, let your body totally relax and if you notice your head falling forward or a slumping in your shoulders, you have poor posture.

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Here are a few things you can do to ensure ideal posture and correct any postural problems you may be experiencing:

Get your Spinal and Posture Check-Up

The cause of good posture is based on proper spinal alignment, balanced muscles and a trained nervous system. If your posture is breaking down as a result of any of these, it is important to have your spine examined to see which imbalances need to be corrected.

Do Postural Stretching and Retraining Exercises

Mirror image exercises are stretching and strengthening exercises designed to restore muscle balance by stretching in the direction away from the postural imbalance.

Work With Dr. Scott Dubrul, a Trusted and Experienced San Luis Obispo Chiropractor

Dr. Dubrul will develop a plan of action, and then check your progress with a postural analysis. If you have not had a postural analysis in the last three months, please call our office or click on schedule a free 15-minute analysis.

Final Word From Dr. Dubrul

It is important to remember that the body works best when it is in balance, so that should be the goal of all of your stretching and strengthening exercises.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society 20043 52 (10) 1662 has shown that the common postural distortion known as Hyperkyphosis (Commonly referred to as Hunch Back) is significantly increasing the rate of mortality due to lung and heart problems.

It seems that as we age, if our posture becomes poor, such that our upper back becomes hunched and our heads are pushed forward, it becomes harder for us to breath and puts more strain on our heart. The research spells out that the increase in death rate is increased by 1.44 to 2.4 times.

The question this information begs is “How do we correct this deadly posture and keep it corrected?”

Correcting posture is a combination of adjusting the areas of spinal misalignment, exercising the muscles that have “grown” into the poor posture and doing specific Postural Adjustments with our Cerebellar Retraining Instrument. We are recommending that everyone come in for a postural examination to screen for this often silent, but deadly condition. Remember, the best time to start is early, so we highly encourage children be checked immediately.


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