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Prepare Your WHOLE Family for the School Year

The long, lazy days of summer are coming to an end as school floors are polished, text books are ordered and desks are assigned. A silent excitement sweeps over parents who hate to see the summer end, but can't take another PG 13 movie, or trip to the mall with kids and friends in tow, hoping to fill an entire summer day with something "fun" for them to do! But before everyone gets back into the school routine, here are some important health tips to place at the top of your back to school checklist to help get your children off to the best start.

Prepare for Change in Schedule

It's common to let kids stay up late during summer, but making sure your children get adequate sleep is one of the single most important things you can do to keep their bodies and minds functioning their best. Transition them back to a schedule closer to what's to come so their bodies have time to adjust.

Think Ergonomically

Sitting in class all day, sports and long hours of homework can take their toll on the body. Make ergonomic choices like a back-supporting chair and properly placed computer screen at home. And don't overlook the value of a properly fitted, properly weighted backpack (they won't feel "cool," but kids need to wear both arm straps, no sling bags).

Ensure Proper Fitting Backpacks

While carrying a backpack to school every morning may seem harmless enough, it can cause painful back and neck problems and injuries for students who do not pack or carry their backpacks properly. Too many children are carrying more than the recommended 15% of their body weight and hurting themselves with chronic muscle and ligament sprains and strains. Approximately 50% of those injuries occurred in children aged 5 to 14 years!

As your chiropractor, I am acutely aware of short-and long-term concerns this may produce.  Therefore, our office has established a community outreach program called "Backpack Safety First!".  In this program we offer all kids with a free backpack assessment including:

•Personalized posture picture
•Percentage of backpack to body weight & how much to reduce it
•Tools for enhancing posture
•My specific observations & recommendations

Call 805-781-9155 and let us help your child grow into a healthy, happy body!  

Adjust your Whole Family

Regular chiropractic adjustments are a simple way to boost immunity, correct spinal misalignments that occur with regular movement and aid the body in optimal function. A safe, natural health measure, routine chiropractic adjustments are an easy way to keep the whole family feeling their best. Powersource makes it affordable for your family, offering night and weekend hours and visits so short you don't need an appointment! Grab your kids and head in together.

Give your family every advantage this year, and see the difference great health can make in helping your kids make the grade! Visit Powersource today.


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