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Boost Your Immune System from the Coronavirus

Just as with any other flu season, certain people are at greater risk. These populations include the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and this year, those with weakened lungs or severe cardiovascular disease.
So what can you do to protect yourself and your family while the pandemonium is happening around you?

Here are my best recommendations, and what I’m doing myself, so you can give yourself and your loved ones the IMMUNE BOOST it needs!

Carefully watch your diet, stay away from sugar, wash your hands, get as much sleep as possible, get your spinal check-ups, and get moving--Exercise helps tune up your immune system as well.

Understanding Viruses & Beating Them!
Some viruses have an envelope around them that prevents the immune system from targeting and destroying it. Certain herbs can help break down and dissolve this envelope, allowing your immune system to target, attack, and destroy.

I recommend Viranon, which is a combination of St. John’s Wort and Thuja for this.

Echinacea as the best way to boost and up-regulate the immune system but beware….not all echinacea products are alike.

And if you are really concerned or at a higher risk, I would suggest adding the following two supplements:

Thymex - which helps the thymus gland make more killer T cells

Immuplex – literally a multivitamin for your immune system to ally against viral and bacterial threats!

Finally, ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR!!! This reduces your immune function by 50% or more for at least 30 minutes after ingesting. Instead, focus on an abundance of greens, nuts, and seeds to provide even more of those essential immune-fighting nutrients in your body!


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