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Campaign Stress? Time for a deep breath

I just wanted to remind everyone during these CRAZY, uncertain times to take a DEEP breath (through your nose) and RELAX…for your health’s sake!

There has never been a time (in my life) that I have seen more upheaval and stress in our world. It seems like the world "out there" is in chaos. Yet, there hasn't been a time that I can remember, in my almost 52 years, that I've felt more of a sense of happiness and peace. In other words, I feel happy and relaxed "in here" even though it seems the media created stress tells us that the world "out there" is on fire.

Let me explain… But first, I want to point out that it's not that I DON’T have stress in my life like all of us. It's how I CHOOSE to respond to stress that matters. It's very interesting to speak to many people each day; patients, doctors, friends, family. Some people buy into the stress, buy into the media, feed their stress and anxiety with more negative news, more worrying about things that don't matter, things that will NEVER happen, or things they have absolutely NO control over. In my opinion, most stress, anxiety, and worry are "self-inflicted" wounds.

So how can YOU create a sense of calm in an ocean of turbulence?

1. Exercise: A strong and fit body handles stress because it is stable and burns up the negative energy created by stress.

2. Breath: Stress causes us to "mouth breath" and we are designed to breathe through our noses. Start paying attention to how you breathe and start breathing through your nose. In through your nose and out through your mouth.  

3. Meditate: I LOVE meditation. It helps me to peek in on my thoughts and see where my mind is. We all think too much and we need to stop, pay attention, and see if these thoughts are serving us or destroying us. Meditation allows us to slow down, pay attention, and change the direction of our minds, especially if our minds are moving too fast or in the wrong direction.

4. Supplement: I've found a few key supplements to help with stress for myself and my patients. Important supplements for stress are Adrenal complex, Magnesium Lactate and B-Complex’s. We usually have these on hand at Powersource if you need the boost.

6. Sleep: We need sleep to help the body heal. Quality sleep and quantity sleep downregulate the sympathetic "fight or flight" nervous system and allow us to turn off our conscious "stressful" minds. The bottom line is that sleep helps put us in a healing state—don’t skimp here!

I hope this helps you and I hope you take this to heart and understand that our thoughts and behaviors MATTER. Please share this if you found it helpful.


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